About Me

I have been in the tech workforce for many years. Started as a Technical Consultant, worked my way to IT to eventually teaching basic and advanced computer certificated classes to the public. In the evenings, after work, I would always grab something to do such as small tasks in coding, learning UI or some self-learning course followed by a little gaming break. These little everyday rituals are what broadened my knowledge and prepared a foundation for my career in Software Development.

I started creating websites on the side - first for personal use and eventually for clients.
I have always loved to code but never had the chance and confidence to do it in a full-time work setting. Now that I have acquired the needed experience I begin my search for Software Development, and Software Engineering roles. I have a lot to learn still and so as I search for opportunities I will continue improving and honing my skills.

My Skills & Credentials

Unity3D Certified
WordPress Web Developer
Adobe Certified Professional
Unity3D Certified
WordPress Web Dev
Adobe Certified

Latest Projects

Fun Projects

Box Shooter*
Simple Solar System*
Roller Madness*
Firefox Add-ons
Directory Listing for GitHub Pages
* Caution, loud sounds, adjust speakers before clicking.

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